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Channel 4 Network’s newest channel, Channel 4 Seven focuses on the most popular, talked about programmes of the week ensuring that viewers do not miss out on the best the network has to offer.

History/about the channel in general: Channel 4 Seven was launched on the 4th of July 2012 in an attempt by the Channel 4 network to enable viewers to take advantage of the extensive choice made available to them. It provides reruns of programmes which have created a buzz across social media and the channel’s own comments section, during the week. In this way Channel 4 Seven ensures that the network’s most engaging and entertaining programmes are readily available on one channel and can be accessed instantly.

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Main programmes of 4Seven live:

Come Dine With Me: A show consisting of five competitors each of whom must host the others at his/her home, serving them a full course meal. After each dinner, the guests then score their host on the quality of the meal served, his/her hospitality and the ambience.

Derren Brown: The Specials: A series featuring hypnotist and illusionist, Derren Brown as he embarks on a journey to change the lives of selected individuals by altering the way in which they see the world.

Fresh Meat: A drama series which focuses on the lives of a group of university students with varied backgrounds and personalities and their relationships with each other.

Undercover Boss: An award winning series which details the secret lives of company executives working anonymously in low level positions within their organisations.


Other programmes:

Food Unwrapped, Jamie Oliver's 15-Minute Meals, Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses, The Town That Caught Tourette's etc.

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