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CBBC is a BBC channel aimed at children between the ages of 6 -12.
The channel provides a wide range of entertainment and information focused programmes tailored to meet the needs of this specific age group.

About CBBC

The sister channel to CBeebies, CBBC was launched as a separate channel in February 2002 prior to which it had been broadcast via BBC1 since 1985. 
The primary aim of the channel is to provide its target audience with content of high quality consisting of drama, news, music and documentaries, ensuring that appropriate opportunities for learning and entertainment are made available to them.
CBBC also provides its viewers with a range of activities via its website, including games, quizzes, puzzles and videos. It also ensures its audience has access to regular news and sports coverage through Newsround and Sportsround.

Main programmes of CBBC

4 O'Clock Club: A comedy series focusing on Josh a student of Elmsbury High and his dreams of becoming a rapper.
Dani’s House: This popular teen sitcom details the mishaps, teenager Dani Harmer, manages to get into with her friends, Jack and Ruby and Max, her younger brother, who she has to babysit as well as his sidekick, Ben.
Sadie J: A comedy series focusing on Sadie Jenkins, a feisty, resourceful 14 year old who describes herself as ‘the only girl in a boys’ world. The show details the numerous dilemmas she finds herself embroiled in and the manner in which she disentangles herself from them.
Tracy Beaker: A popular series detailing the experience of a number of children in a foster home as narrated by popular children’s character, Tracy Beaker.

Other programmes of CBBC

School For Stars, The Scooby Doo Show, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Scoop, Shaun the Sheep, Show Me What You're Made Of, CBBC, The Slammer Returns, Sorry I've Got No Head, The Sparticle Mystery, Splatalot, Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2014, Sports Village, Stepping Up, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Strange Hill High, Super Human Challenge, TOTALLY RUBBISH, Tracy Beaker Returns, Tracy Beaker Survival Files, Trade Your Way to the USA, Trapped, Turbo Boost ... Bears Behaving Badly, Blue Peter, Copy Cats, Diddy Movies, Fit, CBBC,etc.

Online availability of CBBC

Uk Only. Programmes on CBBC can be accessed via BBC iplayer or CBBC iplayer, the channel’s own dedicated online service. Certain restrictions may apply due to agreements between the BBC and their rights holders.